Creating a rocking website & social media for a unique restaurant.

Natives restaurant is a afican joint with a retro twist that not only offers amazing Rice Meals, Grills, Soups, Swallow; the list goes on. What they really have is a unique ambience, that is suitable for everyone to taste. I started this website to enhance their website & keep their brand original & consistent. Social media (Instagram) also played a huge role in brand awareness and social reach. Since its launch, it’s gotten over 3k+ visits a month!

Mobile First

With over 65% of its visitors being mobile users. I created a different experience for mobile that suited perfectly the person on the go. Making them come to the restaurant, in the least amount of clicks possible.


The Natives Restaurant homepage key features are its awesome hero slider with CTA’s that lead the visitor to the key pages on the site.

Food Photography

Photos speaks for themselves. When you’re a place like Natives Restaurant, you have to showoff your products. People will drool on their screens, It would have been a shame not to do a photoshoot because really, it changed the whole website and the look of the whole company.

# Social Media

The goal of the instagram weekly fan was to get people to take photos, #hashtag it & share it. This was so effective, I was able to bring Natives Restaurant from a 4K following to a 13K popular place to be in Lagos in just 8 months by creating visual posts + videos.

Did you hear about #NativesRestaurant ?

Our website has been a pleasure to work with. A truly well-crafted site for both the front viewer side and the back-end admin side.