Real-estate Brokerage

Refining a real estate brokers image through branding & web design.

The Challenge

Discounted Real-estate Brokerage as a new, young, strong and successful real estate broker. Make his brand a memorable one. Differentiate him from all other real estate brokers and generate organic traffic.

The Solution

Create a strong branding that reflects real estate, finesse and success. Design a polished, one of a kind website that represents all of the above, while building a custom solution, so he can easily upload new properties to his website. Refining a real estate brokers’ brand and developing an incomparable website.

Branding and Identity

I designed a logo that is clean, looks good on white and black, has vertical and simplified versions in the branding guidelines. The targeting and branding now appeals to an upper class client, which is reflected by the look and feel of the business.

Website Design

The site is focused on making the call to action look as good.. Beautiful minimal layout and uncluttered design, makes the user focused on what matters – the property.

Victor is a gifted artist. The websites he has created for us are beautiful.